About the JAC

The 9th Annual Urology Joint Advocacy Conference

The Urology Joint Advocacy Conference (JAC) will be held March 9-11, 2014, in Washington, D.C. Co-hosted by the American Urological Association (AUA) and the American Association of Clinical Urologists (AACU), the JAC is the largest advocacy fly-in for urologists throughout the country.

The conference will host speakers ranging from academic urologists to government employees and elected officials. It will feature grassroots lobbying training for those new to the process and will provide each participant with an opportunity to meet with elected officials and their staff.

All members of the AUA and AACU, including residents, fellows and students, are encouraged to attend the Joint Advocacy Conference. Register now.

Testimonials from past JAC attendees

See what past participants have to say about the JAC:

"Excellent updates by congressmen and legislative aids. Gave a stepping stone for action."

"I wanted to hear the latest on healthcare reform, and I believe I did. I got the experience of going up to the Hill and lobbying for a good cause."

"I really appreciated seeing all the representatives and senators that took time to come and address our group. I think this is a testament to the growing exposure our group is getting on the Hill. Strong work!"

"Enjoyed going to Capitol Hill ... great to talk with elected representatives and their staff."

"Great experience. I especially liked sitting at tables by state so we could get to know the other urologists close to us who are interested in advocacy."

"Overall knowledge of the legislative process and critical issues was greatly increased."

"After attending this meeting for fourth time in 2013, I have much better appreciation for how things work and what to do rest of the year 'til we meet again next year."

"The details of the unsustainability of the current situation was very well explained and made me more determined to try to help 'fix it'."

"Very informative and made me aware of an area I knew NOTHING about."

"GREAT speakers, especially Van Horn, Conway, Roe."

"Well organized educational material to prepare us for Hill visits."

"This was my first time attending. I learned a lot."